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About is a family of websites about The Sims videogame series. The passion for this game and the idea to create a fansite is born in 2005. The first site of family was about The Sims 2. First on Sims2Cri our attention was for Italian users, we tried to help Italian community with the translation of some tutorial and tricks, about creation of custom content and build mode. Later we enlarged the site with the introduction of a download area and an english version. Our focus was on clothes, lots, furnishing, hacked objects and so much more. All shared for free.

Through the contribute of all our staff members during these years we added to some sections as Dreamvision for our Machinima (video made with game engine, in this case The Sims 2 and 3), SC Finds  for our daily finds, where we published some news about sim-downloads available around the web. When EA annunced The Sims 3, in the 2008, we started another new site: Early we added a lot of news waiting for the game release, and since June 2009 we added a lot of guides, tutorial, cheats, articles about expansion pack, stuff pack, console version and spin-off, and endly some custom contents, as patterns, sims, lots, clothes, and more.