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Written by CriCri Friday, 14 January 2011 17:14
simsart_machinima_fienxStarting from this month, January 2010, we would like to open a new site section dedicated to the Sims-Art. We would like to share and feature some machinima and picture artists - choosing of couse who create with The Sims games. The first artist we would like to present you is Fienx, a machinima director that uses The Sims 2.

She isn't one of most known artist, such as pose and animation boxes creators, but we visited her YouTube channel and we saw her on Koinup and we found her works really good, so there she is, read the interview and watch her videos!

First off, tell us something about you..

People will find my pessimistic view on life also in my movies. I don't like happy ends, but sometimes you have to think about the viewer and finish a video without death or tears. I'm a realist, absolutely not a romanticist. My mind is very philosophical, but this is handy sometimes for creating a storyline. For my movies I only use the music I like to hear; postrock, modern/'80/'70/art rock, grunge or punk. Some other things about me: I'm born in Belgium, I study psychology and humanities. Next year I will start with graphic design. I'm focused on making career and my hobbies are writing songtexts, playing guitar and searching for beautiful places I can photograph (and with 'beautiful', I mean everything that's abandoned or destroyed). I'm interested at mysteries, conspiracies in the past, art, tattoos, paranormality, festivals, astrology and astronomy. Well yea, for more you can take a look at my Tagged video :]

simsart_machinima_fienx_hauntedhouse_smHow and when did your passion for machinima start?

When I saw a movie, made with Sims 2, for the first time. I still know which one it was and from then I wanted to try the same. Quickly installed Movie Maker and stuff. Before machinima I made some stories with Sims 2, but I wanted to create something with music, moving sims and special effects. I still remember I was at the age of 11 when I made my first movie. But I didn't post them on youtube yet, I was a member of a Dutch/Belgian Sims2forum and that was where others could give some comments.

Do you create them only with The Sims 2? What about The Sims 3?

Only with Sims 2. I don't even have Sims 3 because it doesn't attract me, and I've heard the filming is easier with Sims3. I want some challenge and find solutions for scenes which are difficult to film. No, I will never buy Sims3. They say it's more realistic, but that's not the same what I think. I really like the neighbourhoods in the game, but honestly, the sims are not that stunning.

We know how long it may take to create high-quality machinima like yours so, can you tell us how much time do you need to make and edit your videos?

Mostly it's about 2 months, without too much school work. It takes a while until I'm happy with an idea, then I search fitting music and in the end I film and edit my movies at the same. So I can see how it turned out and if I'm not happy (which is common), I just restart.

Is there an EP you cannot make video without?

That will be Open For Business, this EP has a lot of useful animations for making a video.
So the OFB-Reaction Tester Box (made by JD) is one of the first things I put down on the set.

Every director has his own secrets - and we don't want you to reveal yours - but, can you give some advice, even regarding which mods to use, to those who are approaching machinima for the first time?

The advice I always give is "let inspiration grow". Don't start immediately with filming after you got a quick idea for a movie, let this one grow and search for some other options you can use. I let my storylines fit with the lyrics of the song and I wait until I'm happy with the idea, this might take some weeks in my case. But inspiration comes with the days.
Some other little, maybe helpful things: if you're not pleased with a scene, just retake it. This will take a little longer, but the result will be better. Practice with some animations, before filming, and search for the ones who fit a character or a storyline. And the last one, make your set as realistic as possible (I can't imagine a set without some clutter anymore). This will make your movie more attractive.

Music is very important in your videos. How does the whole idea start? Are songs your source of inspiration?

It depends. Sometimes I got an idea before I have the song, but then it's quite difficult to search music that fits the story. Sometimes I start from the lyrics of a song I really wanna use, so you can say they're a source of inspiration yes. Another source of inspiration are mostly just pictures.

simsart_machinima_fienx_hysteria_smWhich, among your videos, is your favourite? And which the one you like the least?

My favourite at the moment will be Hysteria, probably because of the song. I'm a big fan of Muse. I got my inspiration from their videoclip itself, with some changes and it was one of the first times I was pleased while creating the ending. The least will be Transgression, I wanted to make a video in another time (like the Middle Ages) but at the end, I just decided to go back to modern times. I didn't feel much for the Middle Ages and had to download a lottt. But ok, it was a try and something different.

I did made some videos and I still have in mind some scenes that I really wasn't able to do. I tried almost everything. Can you tell us a few fun facts about the making of your videos, issues you had to face (i.e. what were the hardest and the easiest scenes to shoot)?

The hardest scenes, in my opinion, are the ones when more than one sim has to do an animation (perfectly at the same time). I got often stressed haha, because one sim thought it was funny first telling me he/she had to pee, while the other sim already was doing his/her animation. Or when they just run away to another place instead of the one where I put them. Actors in real life are a lot more easier I guess. Other difficult ones are when I have to combine a lot of animations, it's not that easy to get a position you have in your head. So, it's practicing and creating really weird poses for your sims before everything is ok. Mostly I solve little problems with a green screen, really useful.
The easiest scenes are the ones when a sim just has to walk, or to look, ... everything where one animation is alright to get the story.

Are you already working on a new project?

Yes. The idea is complete, I found the music, now I only have to find some time to film. With this one I want to surpass my other movies and try new camera movements and effects. So for making this one, it will take a little more time. Probably, the title will be Ruletka.
Watch Hysteria!

Go to Fienx's Youtube Channel!
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